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E28 - git internals, open source & edge computing with Edward Thomson

Edward Thomson is a fantastic software engineer, he’s currently the maintainer of libgit2: a pure C implementation of the git core methods provided as a linkable library with a solid API. libgit2 powers GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps and many other products.

Ed is also a product manager at Vercel where he leads the compute, storage, and network products.

I say it about all my guests, because it was true and it still is. This is an episode you don’t want to miss.

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00:00:00 - Intro 00:00:59 - What is libgit2? 00:06:25 - Is libgit2 a reimplementation of git? 00:09:54 - Does libgit2 maintain feature parity with git? 00:14:04 - What level of support does the libgit2 community need? 00:20:02 - The new generation has a technical advantage 00:22:52 - Thoughts on Meta’s Sapling 00:27:22 - The next evolution of git 00:31:39 - Difficult technical challenges 00:35:22 - The most complicated button in GitHub 00:38:52 - How was GitHub prior to the Microsoft acquisition? 00:43:28 - Does being an engineer help you as a product manager? 00:50:45 - Areas of ownership 00:52:35 - What is Vercel’s value proposition? 00:56:03 - Denial of wallet attacks 01:00:50 - What is edge computing? 01:06:46 - What technology is exciting you now? 01:08:41 - Conclusion

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