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Learn git by BUILDING IT From Scratch! (Part 1)

We’re rewriting git in Go. Yes, really. In this live stream series, I’m going to be re-implementing git from the ground up so that you can get the chance to understand at a very deep level how this tool works.

git is a tool that is used by millions of developers every day, but it’s also a tool that is often misunderstood. I want to help you understand how git works, and how you can use it more effectively.

In this part, I covered:

  • deep dive into the .git folder
  • understanding objects, trees, blobs, and their representation on disk
  • scaffolding the CLI and implementing git init, git commit

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00:00:00 - Intro 00:03:50 - Deep dive into the .git folder 00:10:44 - .git/config file 00:13:49 - git hooks 00:16:46 - exclude without .gitignore 00:18:31 - git lfs (large file storage) 00:21:05 - git refs 00:22:06 - how git represents objects on disk (blobs, trees, commits) 00:34:37 - decompressing objects with zlib DEFLATE 00:38:07 - understanding blobs with hexdump 00:56:25 - creating the command line interface (CLI) with cobra 01:00:54 - implementing git init 01:09:38 - start implementing git commit 01:18:41 - conclusion

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