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Strategies for Working From Home as a Software Engineer!

Working from home isn’t easy, but with the right practices, it can be more productive and efficient. I’m sharing with you everything I have learned over the last 4 years of working fully remotely in companies spanning at least 3 timezones.

I personally prefer structure over flexibility, so here are some good practices to help improve productivity and optimize a remote work routine. On an organizational level, remote work requires a “remote first” mindset and meetings should be booked 24 hrs in advance with a clear agenda. Everything should be written down and meetings should be recorded for future reference.

On an individual level, fix your sleep schedule, lock your work schedule, have a fixed spot to work from, match cognitive load to your mental stamina, and do physical activity.

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00:00 - Intro 00:38 - The office isn’t bad, but the commute is! 01:34 - Change isn’t always straightforward 02:08 - Get your sleep schedule in order 03:39 - Lock down your work schedule 06:04 - Have a designated workspace 06:40 - Understand your mental states 09:06 - Incorporate physical activity 10:19 - Identify your circle of influence 11:20 - Make asynchronous communication the default 12:15 - Book all meetings in advance 12:38 - Keep meetings short 13:02 - Documentation is key 14:13 - Record all meetings 14:50 - These best practices work! 16:03 - Not all businesses can operate remotely 17:42 - Conclusion

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