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Great Pull Request Reviews #softwareengineering #coding #programming

Code reviews don’t have to be complicated and obscure. When reviewing a pull request, consider the following:

  1. The pull request description adequately documents the context of the change.
  2. The functionality is good for both end-users and developers. Consider if the code does what the author claims it does, if edge cases are identified and addressed, and if there are any obvious security issues.
  3. The code is well-designed and integrates well with the rest of the codebase. Look for bad patterns.
  4. The code is not more complex than necessary. Can you understand the changes quickly or does the code need further explanation from the author?
  5. The change isn’t overengineered, and there are appropriate unit tests.
  6. Comments are clear and useful, mostly explaining why and not what.
  7. The code conforms to your team’s style guide. Any other issues should be considered nitpicks and optional to address.
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