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E26 - Navigating the Tech Job Market: Insights from a Recruiting Specialist

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Interviewing can be a challenging process, and companies do not always make it easy. The opportunities available to you can vary greatly depending on market conditions, demand for software engineers, and the capabilities of tech recruiters, among many other factors.

In this episode, I interview Alla Pavlova, a tech and art talent recruiter at Riot Games. We discuss the interview process from start to finish, including building job descriptions and negotiating salaries. We also delve into hiring company expectations and tactics that candidates can use to find opportunities in other countries. If you’re starting your career, looking to relocate, or seeking a new opportunity, you won’t want to miss this episode!

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00:00 - Introduction 02:28 - How did you get into tech recruiting? 03:32 - How did you make this career transition? 06:08 - Which fields are you currently specialized in? 07:06 - Did you learn how to code? 08:08 - Breakdown of the recruitment process 09:38 - Do you write the job descriptions yourselves? 11:20 - A job description is a wishlist 12:06 - Are you flooded with applications? 14:04 - Cover letters 15:08 - Do you use application tracking systems? 17:15 - Do you keep track of previous rejections? 18:10 - How do you determine if an applicant is a good fit? 21:53 - How important is the resume style? 25:46 - Is the CV summary relevant? 29:16 - Where do you search for candidates? 30:37 - Targeting jobs in another country 31:53 - Connecting and reaching out to recruiters 32:40 - The interview process 35:29 - Self-promotion is critical 37:59 - Use generic titles 41:00 - Hiring manager screening 43:05 - Salary ranges and negotiations 48:21 - Do you make exceptions for certain candidates? 50:40 - The process is broken 52:38 - Are candidates rejecting the tech interview process? 57:19 - Filtering in 58:15 - Any advice for job seekers? 59:49 - Conclusion

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