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E22 - What is Technical Debt & how can we deal with it?

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What’s technical debt? What is considered technical debt? How is technical debt measured? Who owns technical debt? How to pay-off tech debt?

All these questions and more are discussed in this great conversation with Max Weinbrown, a principal software engineer at Procore Technologies. I really appreciate Max’s clarity and humility as I’m sure you will as well.

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00:00 - Intro 02:45 - Looking back at your career, what would you change? 03:49 - On the qualities of good mentors 05:41 - Do you prefer in-depth advice or high level? 07:15 - What are your responsibilities as a principal software engineer? 09:56 - Management by consensus is impossible 13:48 - What is technical debt? 15:30 - Is technical debt intentional? 17:14 - How can we measure tech debt? 19:59 - How do you maintain Architecture Decision Records? 26:57 - When is the best time to address tech debt? 31:40 - How to justify spending time on tech debt? 33:26 - How to encourage engineers to refactor & clear tech debt? 36:05 - Why doesn’t software have a shelf life? 38:43 - When is a good time to do a complete re-write? 44:37 - Have you faced resistance from engineering teams on clearing tech debt? 46:28 - How do you stay technically relevant? 48:41 - Time management 52:33 - Conclusion

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