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E23 - Software Testing is NOT what you’re familiar with!

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In this episode, Maaret Pyhäjärvi, a principal test engineer at Vaisala and respected speaker, author, and mentor, discusses the evolution of software testing & quality assurance and the role of testing engineers in the design process. We cover the challenges and benefits of implementing CI/CD and how to effectively involve testing engineers in this process, as well as code quality control and the measurement of software quality. We also discuss the agile methodology and the role of estimates in planning, and explore the concept of exploratory testing. Finally, we offer some insights on the future of software engineering and conclude with advice for those interested in pursuing a career in this field.

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01:06:09 - How did you start your career in tech? 02:56:11 - How has software testing evolved over time? 05:22:27 - How did the need for software testers arise? 07:08:25 - As a testing engineer, do you get involved in the design process? 09:12:10 - When do you typically get re-involved in the process? 11:04:09 - Not every company can do CI/CD. 13:08:02 - Building trust between teams and departments. 14:52:21 - Do testing teams tend to increase testing avoidance? 17:32:07 - Can testing engineers be effective if they are not involved with the codebase? 19:10:27 - How can we do CI/CD while also involving testing engineers? 22:52:06 - Are testing engineers involved in code quality control? 25:04:09 - How can the quality of software be measured? 29:58:22 - Thoughts on the agile methodology. 34:14:11 - Can planning be done without estimates? 38:21:00 - What is exploratory testing? 39:35:18 - What is your take on the future of software engineering? 41:56:16 - Last thoughts and advice. 42:56:16 - Conclusion.

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