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How many tech stacks should you learn? #softwareengineering #coding

As a software engineer, how many tech stacks should you know?

It is not necessary to know all of them, but it is important to be “very good” at at least one tech stack. Early in your career, it is better to focus on one tech stack and become an expert in it. This means mastering the idiomatic ways of writing code in that language, being familiar with and mastering a framework, and having a good understanding of good and bad patterns. Even if you don’t understand everything, aim to develop a broad overview of all the layers of the stack, from the hardware and memory to the network, operating system, interpreter/compiler, framework, and UI.

Once you feel comfortable and productive with one tech stack, you can start exploring others. Over time, you will realize that there are many commonalities between different tech stacks, and you will be able to pick up new ones quickly.

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