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E25 - Neurodivergence and the tech industry

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Neurodiversity refers to the variance of neurological differences, behaviours and brain functions within the human population. The concept of neurodiversity has become controversial, with some individuals and groups advocating for acceptance and accommodations while others criticise it.

In my chat with Shea we debunked the stereotypes and explored the impact that autism has on his career as a software engineer and CTO at his startup Mentra.

I learned a lot from Shea as I’m sure you will too!

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00:00 - Intro 01:58 - Understanding neurodiversity 02:39 - The controversy surrounding neurodiversity 05:12 - The origins of autistic stereotypes 10:09 - Representation and identity in neurodiversity 12:33 - Shae’s personal experience with autism 14:40 - Diagnosis of autism 18:15 - Misuse and exploitation of neurodivergence diagnosis 25:18 - Impact of autism on a career in software engineering 28:55 - Career advancement and autism 29:44 - Understanding Mentra 31:40 - The benefits of hiring neurodivergent individuals for companies 33:31 - The advantages of being autistic 35:31 - Further education on neurodivergence 37:40 - Conclusion

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