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E27 - History of Django, Open Source and LLM Security with Simon Willison

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Simon Willison is the creator of Datasette, an open source tool for exploring and publishing data. Prior to becoming an independent open source developer, Simon was an engineering director at Eventbrite. Simon joined Eventbrite through their acquisition of Lanyrd, a Y Combinator funded company he co-founded in 2010. He is a co-creator of the Django Web Framework, and has been blogging about web development and programming since 2002.

In this episode, we explored the history of Django, we discussed the challenges of maintaining and monetising popular open source projects, and the security problems of large language models.

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Simon’s blog: https://simonwillison.net/ Simon’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/simonw

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00:00:00 - Intro 00:00:32 - Why django? 00:04:55 - CMS vs Frameworks 00:07:16 - Batteries included approach 00:08:54 - Flask vs Django 00:09:30 - Why python? 00:11:19 - Which language excites you today? 00:12:49 - How do you monetize an open source project? 00:21:04 - How do you find the time for open source work? 00:22:07 - Discord communities & open source 00:23:47 - Consensus and project roadmaps (in open source) 00:25:43 - Managing contributions 00:28:05 - Why did Large Language Models catch your attention? 00:39:34 - Is it wise to build on top of OpenAI’s APIs? 00:43:15 - Prompt injection & LLM security 00:47:49 - Potential solutions for prompt injection 00:52:28 - How can you be so productive? 00:57:50 - What do you know, you wish you learned earlier? 01:00:43 - Conclusion

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