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What is Elon Musk thinking?

Elon Musk has recently purchased Twitter and plans to do massive layoffs. Here are some thoughts on what might be going through his mind:

Elon has stated that decision making from first principles is a powerful tool. With this in mind, he is likely looking at Twitter’s systems architecture with a reductionist lens and asking the remaining employees what is essential to keep the company running.

He probably believes that if he can learn rocket science quickly, his employees should be able to do the same. Those who cannot may not be the right fit for his company.

He may be thinking that web systems design is not as difficult as rocket science, designing a fleet of low earth orbit satellites, or electric and autonomous vehicles.

Lastly, it is speculated that he values working hard, resilience, time, and less resistance to his guidance more than institutional knowledge, experience, and resistance to his guidance.

If he can keep Twitter running long enough to identify successful revenue streams, he may go down in history as having pulled off a miracle.

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